Value Creation

With every investment, we proactively work with our partners to tailor a unique strategic and operational plan that creates value for shareholders.  Whether it be acquiring competing businesses to consolidate the market, expanding sales channels or bolstering administrative efficiency, we identify and execute upon opportunities.

Support for
Growth & Expansion

  • Provide the necessary capital and expertise to pursue growth initiatives
  • Develop strategic and operational plans in partnership with management to penetrate new markets and diversify revenue
  • Facilitate and structure complementary transactions that substantially increase enterprise value

Transformation of
Structures & Processes

  • Formalize management of human capital, financial reporting and internal processes
  • Alleviate business owners from administrative duties to focus on strategy and core competencies

Management & Governance

  • Act as a catalyst to develop stronger corporate governance structures
  • Leverage diverse network of experts to identify the best possible candidate as a successor to entrepreneurs or family-owned businesses
  • Assist owners in navigating succession planning, financial, tax, legal and equity complexities

Capital Structure Optimization

  • Improve the structure of the balance sheet through restructuring to optimize cash flow and provide ample headroom for future business expansion
  • Consolidate ownership in the hands of individuals active in the business and provide an exit for passive owners to pursue other interests or diversify their assets

Whatever the situation, MavenHill is committed to partnership with business owners and management with the goal of accelerating growth and building shareholder value.